Andis (Andrew) Markovs was well known throughout WA for his effective and knowledgeable work across the preventative mental health, suicide and workplace wellness fields as a skilled, professional trainer and advocate utilising his own lived experience and recovery pathway.

He had successful careers as an architect, in the  professional performing arts where he worked with some of the big Australian names in acting and in hospitality (where he established an award-winning restaurant).

In 2001 however Andris’ world came crashing down and he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He struggled through the darkness of depression, alcohol + substance abuse and suicide ideation.

With treatment and determination he regained the ability to lead a productive life.

He turned his experience into a positive outcome, becoming a Principal Master Trainer for Mental Health First Aid, an Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training facilitator and a Workplace Wellness trainer.

He went on to deliver mental health first aid and other courses for a wide range of community and business organisations, helping people regain control of their lives, learn how to recognise when others need help and creating better workplaces.

He worked through several providers including the Western Australian Association for Mental Health.

Andris was also active on advisory committees and in several organisations. He was especially interested in start up ventures in the mental health, well-being and men’s health spaces.