Tell your Andris story or just tell what you feel

Andris lived several lives, overcame serious setbacks, helped countless people live many lives and all the time remained, unaffectedly, Andrew.  A bit of a larrikin sometimes, still able to act like a boy, always eager to lend a hand, committed to boldly enjoying life. He didn’t leave behind a fortune, or even a monument – he just lives on in our memories and in our hearts.

2 thoughts on “Tell your Andris story or just tell what you feel

  1. So sad to hear this news – I last spoke with Andris in March at the Perth session of the Productivity Commission hearings into mental health – he continued to be passionate and advocate for mental health and his loss will be felt by many!
    Michael Finn

  2. I am very sad to hear this news, Andris was such a passionate advocate and a caring human being, his presence, energy and heart will be very much missed. I will fondly remember Andris for his curiosity and seeking to understand other’s perspectives.
    Lisa Bailey (CoMHWA)

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